Importance of the Polygraph Examiner

The sciences of Polygraph examinations can only be successfully conducted by a highly trained and qualified examiner. This is identical to flying an aircraft. The sciences of Aeronautics will only be successfully applied to the aircraft if conducted by a highly trained and qualified professional.

The easiest and most effective way to ensure you are dealing with a qualified polygraph examiner is to ask if he or she is a graduate of a school accredited by the American Polygraph Association.  These examiners are required to have undergone extensive training and are required to continually study the latest truth detection technology and standards. Members conduct is professionally governed by requiring adherence to a Code of Ethics and a set of Standards and Principals of Practice.

Here at deep blue, we adhere to the standards of practice of the prestigious American Polygraph Association and its local affiliate the Southern African Polygraph Federation.

Training of deep blue staff was provided by perhaps the foremost polygraph training school in the world The Academy for Scientific Investigative Training based in the United States. deep blue staff are qualified Forensic Psychophysiologists which includes the worlds best training in conducting,

  • Specific Issue Polygraph Examinations

  • Pre-Employment Polygraph Examinations

  • Periodic Employment Polygraph Examinations

  • Forensic Assessment Interviews

  • Statement Analysis

  • Testimony as an Expert Witness